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Are you stressed from the holidays? Anxious about seeing certain family members, or about not getting to see some? Trust me: Listen to this newest song from Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars.

Yesterday, this song came on the radio as I was pulling into the grocery store parking lot. I had to sit in my car, dancing it out, looking like a fool (but not caring one bit), until the song was over. It’s that good.

Listen to it now, because the radio stations haven’t started overplaying it yet. They will. Because the requests are sure to start pouring in.

This Music Monday isn’t about some deep song that changed my life or my perspective, per say. It’s just about a song that makes me want to forget whatever crisis is in the back of my mind, and get up and dance. Sometimes those kinds of songs are just as important. I challenge you to try listening to this song all the way through without at least nodding along or tapping your foot. Enjoy!